Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's you.

I think you're something.
Something different.
Something i have never met before.
Something new.
Something i have never experienced before.

You're different.
The way you think.
The you look at people.
The way you solve the puzzle in your life,
The way you look at at everything.
The way you love food as i do.

You're both weird and full of excitement.
I guess i learn something precious from you.

I learn to appreciate nature
I learn how to free myself from the need of internet
I learn how to appreciate myself
I learn how to value little things in life
I learn how to not think sometimes and go through it
I learn that it's okay to be a crazy moron sometimes
I learn not to judge too quick
I learn to value people
I learn that people make mistakes
I learn to forgive 
I learn that there's just some things we can't change
I learn that love is both good and evil
I learn that friendship is something to value
I learn that honesty is important
I learn that the poor is not always the one who is poor
I learn that the rich is not always the lucky one
I learn how to tolerate with lies ; remember when you lied to me when you said "i've stop smoking"? I know you lied.

I think i learn so much from you.

I'm still learning to accept people as they are.

You're one of something significant to my life
You bring something significant to my life ; something to value, something to remember for the rest of my life, something that school and college didn't teach me.

Meant to be with or not,

Thank you. 
For bringing changes.
For the lessons.
For everything.

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