Monday, May 7, 2012

and she's all you need :)

Assalamualaikum & Hello :)

first of all, can you pray for my grandma. pray for her health, her wellness. a simple prayer will do as long as you're sincerely pray for her <3

So, back on track. last week around 3 or 4 am my phone rang and an unknown number popped up. i usually do not answer a stranger. tapi that night i do. after a few call then i finally decided to pick up the call. it's him :) if you follow my blog, you'll know. the one that kept his girl a secret and sort of make my stomach full of butterflies :) yes, it's him. we talked about me, and change Q. then he asked me if i still hated him. i dont really hate him. im just, uhh disapointed. sad and whatever. and we talk some more then i decided it's time for me to hang up the phone, i don't wanna talk too long to him. bukan sebab benci or apa2 la. just that it's unnecessary bah. and he's owned. i was like " alrite. k laa nite " and he's like " imissu " . i kept my mouth shut. and again he spit that word out like it meant nothing. i think it's was like 5 or 6 kali he said that then i think he gave up and hang up. 

dear you. im sorry. im not trying to be harsh. im just trying to respect your relationship. and trying to respect her. she's all you need. i hope you'd always be happy! :)