Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is a picture of an Animal Testing Facility.
The reason they use rabbits for animal testing is because they are the only animal who can not flush chemicals out of their eyes without using aids like water or their paws.
Next time you buy cosmetics or hair spray or anything in the beauty section - choose the brands that are NOT tested on animals.
Here’s a hint: Loreal are the worlds biggest cosmetic animal testers, and Garnier isa sub-company of Loreal.
If you have trouble finding out who tests on animals and who doesn’t, google is at your fingertips.
The look on the bunnies face second from the right is absolutely heartbreaking.
 your beauty isn’t worth their pain.

* originally from tumblr*
oh my god. how could those people do this to those cute furry animal. go get a heart!